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We offer a wide range of services, including but not limited to the following:

  • IFTA Applications
  • IRP Licensing
  • Single State Authority
  • Base State Registrations
  • Process Agents
  • US DOT Number
  • Federal Highway Use Tax
  • Fuel Tax Reporting
  • T.K. Refunds
  • Representation in State Audits
  • Title Applications

What is IRP?

IRP is an agreement between the United States and the Provinces of Canada that allows proportional registration for fleets of vehicles. Its purpose is to issue one license plate and cab card to each qualifying vehicle rather than a plate and registration for each state or jurisdiction where the vehicle travels.

Under the provisions of the International Registration Plan, managers of fleets containing qualifying equipment can legally operate that equipment on an inter-jurisdictional basis in any IRP member jurisdiction in which it is registered. The current IRP program is set up so fleet operators can pay one registration/licensing fee.

Bell & Associates
Bell & Associates

What Vehicles Qualify for IRP?

Two-axle motor vehicles having a gross weight of more than 26,000 pounds and operating in two or more member jurisdictions in the United States or Canada qualify for IRP registration.
A motor vehicle having three or more axles, regardless of weight.
A motor vehicle is used in combination when the combination's weight exceeds the 26,000-pound threshold.

*Trucks, truck tractors, and a combination of vehicles that do not meet the above criteria may be apportioned at the registrant's option. 

International Registration Plan

Bell and Associates will review your operation and assume/establish your IRP account. We will maintain your account throughout the year by licensing your new vehicles, securing replacement credentials as necessary, and annually renewing your vehicles in a timely manner. 

Bell & Associates
Bell & Associates

Base Plate Registration

Any vehicles that do not meet the requirements for IRP must be registered with plates in the state where they are domiciled. (This includes trailers). This can be confusing and time-consuming, so let Bell and Associates handle this aspect of your business.

Bell and Associates will review your fleet and title and register your vehicles in the appropriate jurisdiction. We will monitor expiration dates and process renewals in a timely manner. We will also secure replacement credentials for your fleet and distribute them to the appropriate parties. 

Title Management

Bell and Associates can assist your company with titling for your vehicles. We can apply for original titles, secure duplicate titles, and research and locate missing titles. 

Bell & Associates
Bell & Associates

International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA)

Staying in compliance with state regulations is critical to the successful operation of your business. Bell and Associates will assist you by reviewing your operation, assuming/establishing your IFTA account in the appropriate jurisdiction, and ordering, assigning, and distributing your IFTA decals to all qualified motor vehicles. We will compile, prepare and file your tax returns in a timely manner, ensuring regulatory deadlines are met. We will audit your Driver trip reports for accuracy/missing miles. Bell and Associates will calculate and notify you of the proper tax remittance. 

IFTA/IRP Audit Representation

Any matters of legalization regarding your fleet of vehicles are subject to audit by the jurisdictions. These audits are time-consuming and complex and require supporting documentation to be furnished to the jurisdictions. Bell and Associates will provide competent, professional assistance and representation in the event of an IFTA and/or IRP audit. We will work hand in hand with the auditor to ensure that the audit is completed accurately and with minimized exposure.

Bell & Associates
Bell & Associates

Form 2290 (HVUT)

Vehicles that operate on public highways and have a Gross Vehicle weight of 55,000 lbs and greater are required by the Internal Revenue Service to pay an annual tax. This tax is known as Heavy Vehicle Use Tax. The IRS collects this tax on an annual basis. Certain exemptions to this tax include vehicles that travel less than 5,000 miles annually and agricultural vehicles traveling less than 7500 miles annually.

Bell and Associates will review your vehicle fleet and advise which vehicles require filing the form 2290 tax return, prepare the return, notify you of fees due, submit the return to the IRS, and supply you with the completed, paid receipt from the IRS. 

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